Tymo Jorn GrijpmaLeeuwarden 1989, The Netherlands.

Tymo Grijpma graduated illustration at Minerva art Academy (Groningen) in 2012. After a few years of doing illustrative- and graphic design work, His practice naturally grew towards painting and commissioned art. From this illustration and design background he developed his personal style, a bold mix of shapes and colours, floating in between figurative and abstract. By deconstructing an simplifying elements he creates his compositions, finding balance in shape, colour, repetition and direction.

By breaking apart images of plants and leaves, Tymo look for interesting shapes to build new compositions.
This de-figuration of the subject leads to new abstract shapes which he continuously re-arranges, moving back and forth between analog and digital, from screen to canvas, mixing organic forms with straight edges.

Intertwining subject and background, negative space becomes prominent and takes the lead role, confusing the viewer. What is real and what is not?
What is subject and what is background.
What is important?

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